Leah + Tony

Leah was referred to me by a fabulous bride whose wedding I had shot just a few months ago! Although the gender of this mystery baby is unknown for now, these son-to-be parents are preparing in plenty of other ways. I am so glad people value these moments and choose to document these important life events! Tony was a trooper, helping to be a shoe caddie because let’s face it, putting on shoes (let alone heels) while pregnant looks quite impossible. I am not sure how Leah managed to stand and walk around in those heels, but she is simply stunning, am I right? Congratulations to these soon-to-be parents; I cannot wait to hear about your little one’s gender and name!


Shelby + Nick

I was lucky enough to be referred to Shelby and Nick by some animal rescue friends, and boy am I so glad! They just light up each others eyes! I always have fun on engagement sessions, but these two just gave me goosebumps. I just loved the custom Phillies t-shirts that reveal their wedding date; it was such a creative idea and they both look good in red if I do say so myself. They also made the most of their session with an outfit change, so they get both casual and more formal looking photos. The only thing that was missing from these photos was ice cream, which was somehow impossible for us to find on an early morning Sunday in Philadelphia. Congratulations Shelby and Nick, you two make a beautiful couple!

7.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-17.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-27.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-37.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-7combo 17.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-227.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-277.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-30combo 27.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-347.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-357.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-387.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-447.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-487.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-517.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-597.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-667.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-687.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-727.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-777.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-787.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-827.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-837.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-847.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-907.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-917.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-927.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-967.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1017.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1037.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1097.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1127.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1147.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-115combo 37.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1207.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1277.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1307.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1357.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1387.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-1407.30.17_shelby+nick+engagement-144

Movin’ On 2017

Penn State’s Movin’ On 2017


Yet another school year at Penn State comes to a close, meaning a sweet and sour mix of emotions for the thousands of Penn Staters who will be graduating and “Movin’ On” to the rest of their lives. Whether students are relieved to never have to take another class, proud to have made such great achievements, nervous for their finals, or anxious for their future they all still have one thing in common — they are going to one of the largest student-run music festivals in the nation after their last class!

Movin’ On is dedicated to all those graduating or leaving their beloved college. It has grown so much in the 42 years since it’s very first year in 1975 that the location has had to keep changing to keep up with the large amount of people attending this event. Initially, Movin’ On called the cherished HUB lawn its home until it moved to the IM fields just three years later in 1978. Since then, it has grown in a number of different ways — selling merchandise, higher budgets, the inclusion of vendors, the amount of students and orgs involved — it is hard to imagine what will come next for this event and organization.

Although Movin’ On has historically been plagued by rain, 2017 brought a warm and partly cloudy day that will , fingers crossed, hopefully start a new good weather pattern for this event for years to come. As an alum of the Movin’ On core committee, I was very excited to be able to come back and photograph the awesome bands and see the development of this event since I graduated. Check out some photos of the talented: Two Door Cinema Club, All Time Low, D.R.A.M., Clean Bandit, and Love and Theft!

 movin_on_2017_blog-1movin_on_2017_blog-2movin_on_2017_blog-3movin_on_2017_blog-4movin_on_2017_blog-5movin_on_2017_blog-6movin_on_2017_blog-7movin_on_2017_blog-8movin_on_2017_blog-9movin_on_2017_blog-10movin_on_2017_blog-11movin_on_2017_blog-12movin_on_2017_blog-13movin_on_2017_blog-14movin_on_2017_blog-15movin_on_2017_blog-16combo 1movin_on_2017_blog-20movin_on_2017_blog-21movin_on_2017_blog-23movin_on_2017_blog-24movin_on_2017_blog-25movin_on_2017_blog-26movin_on_2017_blog-27movin_on_2017_blog-28movin_on_2017_blog-29movin_on_2017_blog-30movin_on_2017_blog-31movin_on_2017_blog-33combo 3.jpgmovin_on_2017_blog-36movin_on_2017_blog-38movin_on_2017_blog-39movin_on_2017_blog-40movin_on_2017_blog-41movin_on_2017_blog-42movin_on_2017_blog-43movin_on_2017_blog-45combo 2.jpgmovin_on_2017_blog-48movin_on_2017_blog-49movin_on_2017_blog-50movin_on_2017_blog-51movin_on_2017_blog-52movin_on_2017_blog-53movin_on_2017_blog-55movin_on_2017_blog-56movin_on_2017_blog-57movin_on_2017_blog-58movin_on_2017_blog-59movin_on_2017_blog-60movin_on_2017_blog-61movin_on_2017_blog-62movin_on_2017_blog-63movin_on_2017_blog-64movin_on_2017_blog-66movin_on_2017_blog-67movin_on_2017_blog-68movin_on_2017_blog-69movin_on_2017_blog-70movin_on_2017_blog-71movin_on_2017_blog-74movin_on_2017_blog-75movin_on_2017_blog-76

Kaelyn + Nick

Engagement Session

Kaelyn and Nick wanted to include their dogs, that is right – plural dog – into their engagement session and my heart nearly stopped from excitement. Not only is it okay to bring your pets to your engagement session – it is highly encouraged from my standpoint. I am not sure if I have made this clear, but I LOVE DOGS, and I am thrilled that these two are such great doggie parents! We got up early to beat the heat and had a quick engagement session at their wedding venue and boy did they pick a gorgeous place to get married. I cannot wait to be posting their wedding photos just a few months from now!

kaelyn + nick - blog post-7000kaelyn + nick - blog post-7001kaelyn + nick - blog post-7003kaelyn + nick - blog post-7004kaelyn + nick - blog post-7005kaelyn + nick - blog post-7007kaelyn + nick - blog post-7008kaelyn + nick - blog post-7009kaelyn + nick - blog post-7011kaelyn + nick - blog post-7012kaelyn + nick - blog post-7013kaelyn + nick - blog post-7014combo1kaelyn + nick - blog post-7017kaelyn + nick - blog post-7018kaelyn + nick - blog post-7019kaelyn + nick - blog post-7020kaelyn + nick - blog post-7022kaelyn + nick - blog post-7023kaelyn + nick - blog post-7025kaelyn + nick - blog post-7026combo2.jpgkaelyn + nick - blog post-7028kaelyn + nick - blog post-7029kaelyn + nick - blog post-7031kaelyn + nick - blog post-7032kaelyn + nick - blog post-7033kaelyn + nick - blog post-7034kaelyn + nick - blog post-7035kaelyn + nick - blog post-7036kaelyn + nick - blog post-7037kaelyn + nick - blog post-7038kaelyn + nick - blog post-7039kaelyn + nick - blog post-7040kaelyn + nick - blog post-7041kaelyn + nick - blog post-7042kaelyn + nick - blog post-7043kaelyn + nick - blog post-7044kaelyn + nick - blog post-7045kaelyn + nick - blog post-7046kaelyn + nick - blog post-7047kaelyn + nick - blog post-7048kaelyn + nick - blog post-7049kaelyn + nick - blog post-7050kaelyn + nick - blog post-7051

Ashley, Dane and Kaiden

I first met Ashley and Dane over a year ago at Ashley’s maternity session! I have been eagerly waiting to meet sweet Kaiden and boy was I just smitten with this little guy the minute I saw him. With those dark curls, large inquisitive eyes and not to mention his amazing sense of style, it is no wonder he is a very popular baby! It is clear he is very well loved and well dressed anywhere he goes. This is Kaiden at 8 months old!

Ashley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and KaidenAshley, Dane and Kaiden

Hurst + Iannacone

Jen and Mike

A wedding at The Manor House at Prophecy Creek Park

Who doesn’t love a good high school sweetheart story? These two lovebirds met in high school and kept the love growing strong for almost a decade before finally deciding to get hitched. The maid of honor, who is also the groom’s cousin, should be especially proud of herself for starting her matchmaking career early. Mike proposed using a single romantic rose after a home cooked 3-course meal and a walk around the neighborhood. The happy parents were waiting eagerly with cake and Prosecco.

This wedding was stunning and had so many beautiful parts to it. There were at least 4 first looks that I counted. The bride and her bridesmaids, the bride and her father, the bride and groom, and the bride and groom with the bridal party. Jen is a woman after my own heart with her organization and planning skills. She even sent Mike his own salami bouquet – which the meat lover not surprisingly loved!

Did I mention Jen used to work at the infamous Bredenbecks bakery and was able to design her own cake? This bride has some impressive skills to say the least. Her fast paced choreographed father/daughter dance showed off her and her father’s dancing skills. Oh and it just keeps getting better! It just so happened to be the 30th anniversary of Jen’s parents wedding so a special song was played by the very band that played at their wedding. This band has been in the family for generations and is clearly considered part of the family at this point. Needless to say you can both see and feel the love between and surrounding these two in their wedding photos.

Check out the vendor information at the bottom!

combo 117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-1017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-717.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-1117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-1217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-1317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-1417.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-1517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-1617.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-5combo 617.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-1817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-2217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-2317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-2517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-2717.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-8917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-9017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-2617.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-2817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-3017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-3117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-3217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-3417.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-3517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-3817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-3917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-4117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-4217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-4717.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-48combo 217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-5017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-5117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-5217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-53combo 7combo 817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-5717.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-58combo 9.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-6717.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-6917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-7117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-7517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-7617.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-7917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-8017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-8117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-8317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-8417.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-8517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_add blog 2-7000.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_add blog-7000.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-8817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-19717.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-20017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-19817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-19917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-20117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-20217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-20317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-20417.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-20517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-21117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-9217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-20817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-20917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-9317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-9517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-10017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-10317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-21217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-10417.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-10517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-10617.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-10717.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-10817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-10917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-11117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-11217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-11317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-11517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-118.jpgcombo 16.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-13517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-129.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-13317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-17117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-16117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-11617.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-117.jpgcombo 15.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-13717.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-13817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-13917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-14217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-14117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-14017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-143combo 11.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-145.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-15017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-155.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-15117.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-15217.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-154.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-15317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-157.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-16917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-16417.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-16517.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-16617.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-16717.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-168combo 1017.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-17417.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-17617.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-180combo317.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-18817.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-18917.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-190combo4.jpgcombo 5.jpg17.6.2_ hurst-iannacone_blog-193



Venue: Manor House at Prophecy Creek Park

Band: Second Vision

Florist: Valley Green Florist/ The Cut Flower Exchange of PA

Caterer: Robert Fair Caterer

Rings: Giannini Jewelers, Inc. Ardmore, PA

Hair: Hair Concepts

Make-up: Glossed in Glam, Alexis

Jordan + Rory

On what ended up being one of the hottest days of this year thus far, Jordan and Rory worked magic with their engagement session and somehow did not seem to break a sweat. Not only did they have an incredible idea for their engagement session, but they are simply beautiful together! Both Jordan and Rory had frequently seen the Philadelphia Love Letter Murals in commutes and boy am I glad they suggested building their engagement session around them! Love and art separately are already amazing things, but put them together and the result is magnified.

But we could not stop there! If we were going to do a Philly engagement session, we HAD to include one of the most beautiful and active areas in Philadelphia, the art museum! Although my previous favorite views of the art museum has now been taken over, Jordan and Rory helped me explore some new angles of the art museum to photograph, and I think it is safe to say I have a new favorite view of the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

combo 1
6.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-36.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-56.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-66.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-76.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-8combo 26.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-146.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-15combo 36.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-216.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_post-108combo 106.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-296.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-306.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-336.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-376.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-406.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-416.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-446.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-426.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-456.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_blog-476.11.17_Jordan+Rory_engagement_post-105