About Me

Hello there! I am an award winning and published photographer based out of the Philadelphia area (but am more than happy to travel). I work primarily as an event based photographer, covering corporate events, University events, as well as private events such as weddings. I have also worked heavily with sport, concert, and portrait photography. 

I work to provide technically correct photographs with a more editorial style. I love the spontaneity of this work and am quite tenacious when it comes to getting the best shot. I have been told that I do give the energizer bunny a run for their money and bring a lot of energy to everything I do. I have 5+ years experience in both the corporate as well as the freelance world. I am a people pleaser and you will see me in a lake, in a tree, or on the ground in a puddle to get the good shot. 

I started with the good old black and white, dark room, film photography in high school and moved towards digital photography in college where I studied and received a B.A in economics as well as a B.A in art (concentration in photography) and a minor in business at The Pennsylvania State University (main campus of course). I spent a semester in Scotland, getting closer to my heritage and was thrilled to be able to study at the Adam Smith College of Business. The economics geek inside of me squealed at the opportunity to study in a place where the father of modern economics both studied and taught. Not surprisingly, most of my college experience was spent photographing concerts, sports and grad portraits. 

Feel free to look at my website! If you like seeing what I am up to please follow me on Facebook or Instagram to see some cool shots!