Hoilett – Cooper

Hoilett – Cooper


A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of photographing this gorgeous wedding to celebrate the love between Andisha and Evan. They have been together so long that it felt like they were already married, but that did not stop all the happy tears shed by 80% of the guests. at any given time. I mean, how could anyone not cry? These two are clearly meant to be and it was evident their families have been anticipating this day for a long time. They had met in the summer of 2007 (so this was their 10 year anniversary of meeting), and have been rockstar parents to their son, Evan, for 5 years. If anyone wants a good proposal line, Evan had a great one: “you ready to change your last name?”.

Speaking of family, it was very that these two are incredibly loved by everyone in attendance and they made sure to jam pack their wedding celebration with as much as they could! All the siblings got a chance to say their congratulations and offer a tiny bit of embarrassment with toasts. Andisha, Evan, nor the current toaster were able to get through even one speech without tearing up. There were truly too many beautiful moments to count! A champagne toast and sparkler send off helped to mark the end of this beautiful night at The Merion.

Floral arrangements by – Event Loft PA

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May 6th was a happy day for those who were able to attend Abby and Mike's Philadelphia wedding! This cool trendy couple got hitched in a beautiful ceremony at the Chapel of Four Chaplains in the Philadelphia Navy Yard and ended partying the night away at Manayunk Brewing Company. Their wedding was a true Philadelphia wedding, from the views of the Ben Franklin Bridge, our lovely walk through Philadelphia with stops at City Hall and various parks, to the beautifully decorated themed cookies. The love between these two is undeniable, and is evident with their giddy smiles of relief after they said their "I dos"!

Now let me tell you a little something called the bag game. This wedding game is a family original tradition, passed down a few generations and will likely be played at all of their family weddings. This exhilarating game will be remembered throughout the generations of weddings to come!


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